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About Hundred Acre Olive Oil

Liquid Gold In The Foothills Of California™

The Ilich Family has lived in the beautiful foothills of Amador County for many years. My husband Randy was surrounded by the use of olive oil as a child growing up in the Mediterranean. When we built our home on a hilltop in Northern California's Gold Country, we wanted to incorporate his old world values into our new home. Olive trees were the perfect fit, and so our olive grove was born.


Over the years Hundred Acre Olive Oil™ has grown from just a few ornamental trees into a wonderful grove. We have planted several cultivars of trees, so our oil is a blend -just like our family is an old-world blend of Serbian and German heritages.


Our oil is made from100% organically grown olives that are hand picked, and cold pressed within hours of picking.


Our oil adheres to the standards set by the International Olive Council, which guarantees the finest quality of unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are laboratory tested and certified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As an accredited Master Gardener and Master Food Preserver, meeting this rigorous level of quality is of the upmost importance to me. My goal is to teach what quality food is through our delicious products.


From the love of labor for our land, we have expanded our product line to include Hundred Acre Red Wine Vinegar and Heidi's Honey™ following organic and bee friendly farming practices. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy every drop of our Liquid Gold™ and other fine food products!




Hundred Acre Olive Oil
Hundred Acre Olive Oil

From The Press & Testimonials

Images of America: Olives In California's Gold Country


“Hundred Acre Olive Oil is created from a fusion of six varieties of olives- Arbequina, Pendolino, Frantioio, Manzanilla, and Mission- to create a uniquely flavorful and versatile product.”


Gifted, Shop On Main Street, Jackson, CA

“...The finest olive oil and honey grown in Amador County...”


Marczyk Fine Food Foods, Denver, CO

“...Wonderful EVOO and Red Wine Vinegar...”

Hundred Acre Olive Oil
Hundred Acre Olive Oil
Hundred Acre Olive Oil
Hundred Acre Olive Oil
Hundred Acre Olive Oil
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